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this picture should have more then the amounts of notes it has, this shows us that not ever thing is “picture perfect” and that behind that smile and those eyes there is fear . So i beg you to please reblog this instead of a pair of shoes, someone smoking a blunt, and clothes … because this picture is literally worth 1,000 words 

This is insanely powerful.

As someone who grew up in an abusive household, I will never fucking fail to reblog this. People pull bullshit all the time over people getting abused. They make it to where it’s covered up, the victim’s fault, or they don’t care about it. This is happening RIGHT NOW and could be happening to your own neighbor, mother, sister, brother, grandparents, teachers, mail-deliverer. Anyone.  IT is a nightmare. 


If I remember correctly this is a norwegian newspaper commercial about speaking up for the weaker ones.

Some people don’t know better to speak up either…my mother abused me and my sisters and as a child she would tell us that if we told that it would be worse, that I’d live in a garbage can and that we would be worse off without her. How was I, at 8 years old, supposed to know any better than what she was telling me? 

I strongly suggest everyone to reblog this. 

(Source: awayfromearth)

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